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Marketing with Social Media

As a marketing/web design brand, we must be aware of the latest marketing trends in addition to web design trends. A growing trend in marketing today is advertising through social media platforms.

Social media has become a part of our daily lives, whether it is for personal social means or company advertising purposes. Almost every website today consists of at least one “Share This” button that links to a social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. What is the point of sharing pages on these platforms?

For one thing, it definitely helps the company gain more popularity. Social media platforms can spread information at an amazing speed. If every minute someone shares something and the message reaches two people per person, by the end of the hour, tens of thousands of people would already be exposed to the message. That is a definite plus for a company trying to get its products out to the public. This is why web design today calls for a need of social media ‘sharing’ options.

In addition to the “Share This” button, there’s also the call-to-action buttons called “Follow Us”. Sharing buttons are usually located within a certain post or product of a website, whereas the “Follow Us” buttons are located at the top of the page, in an obnoxious icon that represents the social media platform it directs to. However, regardless of the possibility that the first thing someone sees on the website is the “Follow Us” button, they must be given a reason to follow you. Not everyone is going to follow you, just because they were told to by a button on your page. Some customization to these buttons is a good idea to urge visitors to follow you, for example, adding reasons such as:

Follow us for regular updates on our page!

Follow us for notifications for new posts on our website!

Or if you run an e-commerce website, you can write:

Follow us for discount codes/coupons or sales on our page!

Social media is a powerful tool that all marketers should take advantage of. Being able to spread messages at exponential speeds is impossible any other way, especially if you only rely on visitors to your main website. If used the right way, it will not only allow you to gain popularity within the online community, but also attract potential customers or visitors that can potentially help you with your marketing.

Which social media platform(s) do you think are the most effective for marketers?