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Keeping things simple is a trend that we see rising in all industries. Minimalistic designs in web design helps to keep things very simple and professional looking. When designing minimalist websites, there are three factors you should always take note of: subject, usability, and balance.

Designing a minimalist website has its benefits. Because of all the simplicity that the minimalist website has, there is obviously going to be less code and site assets to worry about. It will also minimize the need for CSS, HTML, images, Javascript, etc. Minimalist websites reduce the loading time on a browser because there isn’t much to load to begin with. This increases the usability and user experience, which relates to our previous post.

The designing process is just as difficult as if you had to fill up the entire site with design. As humans, we are naturally drawn to want to acquire more things. So throughout the design, we’d want to keep adding more designs and functions to the website. If there is no control over that, it will divert from being a minimalist website to just any other website with lots of graphics and fancy designs.

The color scheme of a minimalist website should be mainly one color with a touch of a contrast color. White is a good color to use because it will help the visitor focus on the main elements of the page rather than have their eyes jumping from one section to another. Basically anything light colored with a contrasting color would be good to use.

Minimalist websites can give off the vibe of a very elegant and professional website. Those of you who like clean and polished websites should consider creating a minimalist website.

Do you prefer minimalist websites or websites with lots of design?