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Usability and User Experience

Usability is very important in web design. User Experience (UX) determines if the visitor will stay on your site or simply just close out of it and move on to the next website. User Experience and usability, is very important and takes quite a bit of effort to achieve because it covers many different areas. For example, browser accommodation, color schemes, image and font sizes, navigation, and layout fluidity are all part of the UX. Let’s go through each one of them and discuss why they are important.

Browser Accommodation

Just because you use a certain browser, it doesn’t mean that everyone uses the same web browser as you do. Many other people use browsers such as Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, etc. Each browser has its own standard resolution. This is why it’s important to review your website on different browsers to ensure that everything transitioned well and still looks how you want it to look like.

Color Scheme

Picking a nice color scheme of a few colors will make your website look much more polished. When I see colorful sites, I think of little kids. Unless your website is aimed at the children audience, sticking to a few colors is the way to go. Sticking to the certain colors also helps people recognize your brand. For example, take Target’s website. Everything is in red and white, which are the colors of the company. It makes it much more easier to recognize that it is the Target website. Imagine if the website became purple and blue. I’ll bet we’d have many confused people out there.

Image and Font Sizing

Consistency is the key for everything to flow smoothly so it definitely will play a part in how a website UX flows. Having images and fonts in different sizes makes everything look rather disorganized. Using different font sizes is good to differentiate between different parts of the website, such as using one font size for basic text, a bigger size for titles, and an even bigger size for the website name. Another thing about fonts is keeping the same font styles throughout the website.


We talked about navigation in one of our previous posts. Like I said in that post, navigation is extremely important to a website because it helps direct your visitors to where they want to go. The navigation bar should be easy to use and spot on the website. No one is going to stay on a website if they don’t know how to get from one place to another on that website.

Layout Fluidity

Again, we covered this topic in one of our previous posts. Responsive design is important to everyone today because we have so many different devices that can gain access to a website. Layout fluidity helps the user to navigate through the website smoothly. In addition, it also helps reduce the data needed to load the website for those people on data plans.

What other aspects can you think of that relates to UX? Which ones are the most important to you as a visitor?