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Angela’s Departure

As you might know, I’m an intern here at WebMaster Icons, and unfortunately my internship was only during the summer which tomorrow (‘Booo.” – Andee.) is my last day here.

After being here for a little over two months, I’ve learned how to do quite a number of things relating to design. While my main goal of the internship was to learn more about Web Design and Development, I also had the chance to learn about other services that go hand in hand with Web Design. To list a few: SEO, PPC & Adwords, Analytics management and much much more.

When I first walked into WMI’s office in Little Ferry, NJ,  I was hoping to to learn about designing websites and how to take that design and make it into a fully functional website. Unfortunately there was not a whole lot of time to learn about every aspect of the actual coding process as that can take years, I was however, able to learn a great deal about design.

With this new found experience and insight regarding how web design should really be like, I feel much more confident with my choice to take on web design in this upcoming college semester.  All of this experience and time spent with the teams working on client and in house projects, I feel, will help the coming workload that school will be sending my way.

I can confidently say that my goal of this internship was met by 95% since I wasn’t able to become too familiar with the coding aspect, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s not exactly something you can just run with in a few weeks.

Overall, you can say that I’m a pretty satisfied intern.

Some of things that made this internship much easier than others, is the fact that everyone here operates in a very relaxed, yet professional office environment . This is probably one of the most “chill” companies I’ve ever experienced. What made it so?
Well for starters: No dress code, everyone treats eachother like friends (everyone is on first name basis.), free breakfast on Mondays and work breaks whenever you want as long as you take care of your tasks.  What more could one ask for in a company?

One of the main reasons why I applied to WebMaster Icons when I heard they were accepting internships was because it was a small company (10-20 employees in the office on any given day.). I’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to work for a small, but expanding company, as it’s the exact atmosphere I’m looking for after I graduate college.

I hear a lot of people say, “It’s a bad idea to work in a small company! You’ll be assigned a MUCH bigger workload than the average web designer.” but thats the part that attracts me so much, it allows me to work on multiple aspects of a project rather than just a few small details. You essentially can participate and touch upon every part of a project and working with WMI has confirmed this.

All in all, I’m very happy that I took this internship. Not only was I able to actually have a productive summer, I was able to learn a field that I was deeply interested in getting into, but wanted to be sure.

Writing these articles for WebMaster Icons has been really fun and informative for me as it has given me a chance to not only express my own thoughts on the subjects, but given me a solid understanding of some of the most important aspects of Web Design.

I sincerely hope that these articles will, or may lend a hand in helping you in the same way it has for me in writing them.

Thank you, everyone! It’s been fun!


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