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Why WebMasterIcons?

What makes us stand out

Search Engine Optimization Expertise

While most web design firms falsely claim to be great at Search Engine Optimization, Webmaster Icons is primarily an SEO company. That is correct; Webmaster Icons is the web design division of the world’s most innovative and effective SEO firm Melen.net. Melen runs dozens of successful internet brands, most of which get their initial success strictly from SEO. In fact Melen’s web property Backlink Build ranks for give or take 50 “link building” related terms; the internet’s most competitive niche. This expertise is alive and well in Webmaster Icons where for over two years we have been providing beautiful web design with great website structure that will allow you to grow your website for years to come through SEO. Furthermore every new client of Webmaster Icons receives free keyword research and on-page search engine optimization.

Costumer Service

The designers at WMI are taught to keep client satisfaction as their priority. We have a very friendly staff that is always ready to take your feedback and incorporate it into your site. We understand that a satisfied client refers friends and always comes back for future web or graphic design needs. Creating a positive relationship with our clients through stellar costumer service is not just a benefit to our clients, but a benefit to our company and sister companies.

Communication and turnaround

To be completely satisfied customers demand quick and effective communication. Our professional team of designers always gets back in touch with our clients within 24 hours. This attention to our client’s personal time is also evident. We work with our clients to set a deliverable date and make sure to deliver on time Pricing – Webmaster Icons has amazingly affordable web design. These low prices are an outcome of the way this brand was created. We started when some of our SEO clients asked us to design new websites for them. Our main revenue source was and is still SEO, so our initial goal was to get the site done at a great price so that we can begin to provide SEO. Dozens of projects later WMI was founded. To this day we still design graphics and websites for our clients at prices much cheaper than those of competitors.

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  • WMI, everything is perfect! You are all the best, thank you so much again!

    Harpreet D.

  • I want to thank all of you for a wonderful job. I know I have a lot of requirements but you guys have done an excellent job. I have been very pleased so far.

    H. Soni

  • When we came to WMI, we were tired of nj web design firms that were not honest with us. WMI was transparent from the begining and listened to everything we had to say.

    Christina W.

  • If you want professionalism, stunning, quality work,and steadfast support- look no further. Thanks WMI.


  • I can honestly say these guys know what they are doing and highly recommend them!!! Thank you!

    Angelo F.